Between God and Ground Balls

In honor of the delayed arrival of Major League Baseball—a reprised article about a hustling young Jesuit and his ministry on the diamond:

On a picture-perfect day for baseball, a 30-something man sporting dark sunglasses is standing in a ground-level dugout, calling out to players in the field. “Okay kid, you got this,” he says to the pitcher for the Boston College Eagles at the start of a home game. After a three-up, three-down inning, he strides onto the grass and greets the young men as they return to the dugout, giving them fist-pumps.

It’s what you’d expect from a member of the coaching staff. But Fr. Christopher Calderón, a newly ordained Jesuit priest, isn’t just any member of the staff. Donning a Roman collar as well as a team cap, he helps the players not with their slugging but their spirits, not with their fielding but their faith.

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