1. Thank you for sharing this one. I like Paul Ryan and think he’s on the right track with this. Very interested in what he has to say and what he thinks will be the best way to save SS and end the games this administration has played for their friends to benefit and the rest of us to suffer or pay for his messes.

  2. Christopher Manion says

    I am sorely disappointed that Jesus didn’t tell Pilate — or Caesar — to help the poor, and to do so by taxing rich people like Herod and that Centurion guy. And what about that Joseph fellow from Aremathea — doesn’t he have some money to spread around?

    More to the point, Mother Teresa had it right: her Missionaries of Charity are not social workers. “We worship Christ in the Blessed Sacrament for hours every morning, and then go out and find him in the gutters of Calcutta all day long. Social workers can’t do that.”

    Amen. And neither can bureaucrats or the IRS. Leave true charity to voluntary acts, not mandatory faceless government agents with guns.

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